Royal Academy Summer Exhibition

It is time for The Royal Academy Summer Show once again.

Cyril had many pieces he submitted selected over the years. In 1981 the picture selected and hung was his amazing pencil drawing ‘The New Arrivals’.

Cyril worked on it for over 650 hours, such is the fine pencil work, and it is estimated to have two and a half million pencil strokes. He used a technique he perfected in his experimental map making.

It was the year Diana and Charles announced their engagement and Cyril enjoyed the opening evening in their presence partaking in strawberries and champagne as he proudly wandered around.

He was also thrilled to meet one of his fellow artists who he was in South Wales with in the War but that is another story.

A CD is produced each year but the commentary is only able to mention a couple of pieces of work from each gallery. Cyril’s was one of the chosen.

His work was admired and heralded as an amazing technical feat. There after he was mercilessly teased for his amazing technical ‘feet’.

Photos (left) here you can see the original 1982 invitation.